Understanding the customer journey provides a view of the end-to-end customer experience, providing a visual guide to identify your customer’s pain points and find where new value can be created. Customer journey maps are critical to executing successful customer experience strategy and design. The ideal experience is one that is positive, memorable, and personalized. This is key in driving client engagement and business growth.

What value can we gain from looking at our practice from a customers point of view?

Mapping a pet owners journey of experience with your practice offers many advantages. Firstly the process of mapping the journey either alone or with your team can be a rewarding experience as it will bring to light how your customers experience your practice and highlight your team members strengths and concerns when it comes to customers. Mapping will also give you an opportunity to identify gaps from your customers perspective that you can then address. When a customer has a great end-to-end experience with your practice it drives increased engagement which then drives loyalty, better outcomes and referrals.

This step by step guide will help you identify areas that may cause friction for your pet owners. Friction for a customer impedes their drive to book an appointment, use your service or buy a product. Friction can even impede a customers success with a purchase and their ability find value in a service altogether. Focusing on a seamless journey for your customers has many advantages. The Harvard Business Review found that acquiring new customers is between 5-25x more expensive than retaining existing ones. So while you invest in acquiring new customers, it is even more important to ensure the experience is a memorable one to retain them.

Optimizing your veterinary practices customer journey gives your customers an experience they see value in and can lead to growth for your business.


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