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The consulting room can be a jungle of time pressure, waiting times and client complaints as you manage priorities and seek to deliver the best for every pet. Sometimes, as we seek to uphold best patient care, the clinic’s financial resources take the burden as we rush from case to case.

The buying power of the average clinic is three veterinarians. IVA gives you the ability benefit from the buying power of over 250 veterinarians. We provide you with a multifaceted foundation to leverage from to create more of what you want: time to create balance between work and life, increased profits and a better return on investment. IVA’s foundation will also provide you with a network of like-minded practice owners and management support 24/7 for just in time support for you to use when needed.

As a practice owner time is a valuable commodity as you share it between clients, patients, staff, management, ownership and your non-work priorities. IVA aims to understand your unique business and provide you with a transparent, detailed arrangement so you always know where you stand.

IVA is currently made up of practices of all sizes from mobile vets to large multi-site practices. As much as these practices vary in size and location they also differ in how they leverage the benefits, support and partnerships offered through IVA. Throughout our estimate and proposal process we consistently demonstrate additional benefits for practices of all sizes despite many already receiving various contract prices.

Join the greater purchasing power of over 200 vets.

  • Unity is strength and through IVA we can work together for the benefit of our clients, patients and each other. IVA are genuinely interested in helping independent vets succeed. They provide focused personal service.  

    Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson Owner / Turramurra Veterinary Hospital
  • Saves me a whole bunch of money. It goes without saying the obvious things with IVA is it’s better for your practice, they save you money and they have an infinite amount of resources available to you.

    Angela Sutherland
    Angela Sutherland Owner / Maraboon Veterinary Surgery
  • IVA help us run our business more efficiently. IVA have negotiated excellent rebates and discounts with many of our suppliers, for both goods and services.

    Rosemary Laing
    Rosemary Laing Co-Owner / Bungendore Veterinary Surgery
  • We aim to provide peace of mind for pet owners while providing excellence in service and great value for money. IVA provides that kind of support for me, as a veterinary business owner.

    Mike Mesley
    Mike Mesley Owner / Snowy Vets

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