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IVA’s core purpose is to create, nurture and evolve a cooperative community of like-minded independent members who leverage their resources for mutual benefit.

Currently, IVA harnesses the purchasing power of over one hundred and fifty Australian vets. IVA member practices currently range from mobile practices, one, two and three vet practices to multi-practice groups who are situated all around Australia. Each IVA Member practice is independent and has their own unique vision of practice ownership. As such, each IVA Member practice uses IVA’s collegial purchasing power, multifaceted foundations and partnerships in a unique way to strengthen their practice in their own way.

As a cooperative for independent veterinary practices, IVA allows independent veterinary practices to level the playing field with the growing number of corporate-owned practices and big box pet stores entering the market in Australia. IVA has negotiated greatly enhanced levels of support from key supplier partners to help make member practices not only more profitable but also easier and more satisfying to own and operate.

IVA is owned by its vet members not by Australian or overseas corporates.


Wholesale & Procurement

Your wholesale spend is one of the largest expenditures your business encounters month after month. The interactions your business has with a wholesale supplier including all the associated activities relating to ordering accounts for hours of staff time every week and thousands of dollars in wages. We have audited the veterinary wholesaler industry to bring you the best options in: supply, pricing, efficiency, integration and support to not only reduce your cost of goods but to also lower any wastage in resources.



In addition to having a competitive and efficient wholesale supply which reduces your overall cost of goods IVA has formed relationships with key manufacturers. As a collegial group of independent veterinary practices, you can take your IVA Benefits to the next level by partnering with our preferred suppliers and receiving top tier benefits which are normally reserved for only the largest national accounts.


Industry Partners

IVA Members benefit from a range of established relationships with various partners from within and beyond the veterinary industry. IVA’s Industry Partners supply a plethora of business services and products that have been vetted and found to be relevant and valuable in supporting and growing veterinary business. Leverage the relationships we have with these services to strengthen and grow your business to its most competitive state.


Business Development & Management Support

All businesses are only as strong as their foundations which is why we at IVA strive to provide the most holistic foundation for all IVA Member practices. All IVA Members can utilise our online IVA Business Hub portal where you and your team can access multiple resources to develop your team and business. IVA Business Hub includes a national collaboration forum, personal dashboard, business solutions resource library, on-line learning and development programs, access to proven business solution tools and coaching support.

Join our Network of Over 250 Vets

  • Unity is strength and through IVA we can work together for the benefit of our clients, patients and each other. IVA are genuinely interested in helping independent vets succeed. They provide focused personal service.  

    Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson Owner / Turramurra Veterinary Hospital
  • Saves me a whole bunch of money. It goes without saying the obvious things with IVA is it’s better for your practice, they save you money and they have an infinite amount of resources available to you.

    Angela Sutherland
    Angela Sutherland Owner / Maraboon Veterinary Surgery
  • IVA help us run our business more efficiently. IVA have negotiated excellent rebates and discounts with many of our suppliers, for both goods and services.

    Rosemary Laing
    Rosemary Laing Co-Owner / Bungendore Veterinary Surgery
  • We aim to provide peace of mind for pet owners while providing excellence in service and great value for money. IVA provides that kind of support for me, as a veterinary business owner.

    Mike Mesley
    Mike Mesley Owner / Snowy Vets

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