Whats the difference between an average year and your best year? We’ve asked IVA Business Coach Al Ramos and former practice owner Dr Mark Ethell to share how they’ve approached ‘planning for the best year ahead’ and their learnings along the way.

This practical session steps through Al’s methodology in creating a one-page plan for your business so you will know exactly where to start at the conclusion of this session. This methodology has been used by Al to support businesses of all shapes and sizes including Dr Mark Ethell’s own veterinary practice which was successfully sold.

Gain insights into some of the crucial steps that are needed to plan, implement, and improve not only the end results but the journey of practice management as well.

As a special offer – Al Ramos is offering 5 clinics personalised feedback and support on their One Page Plans. Simply complete the form below to receive a copy of the webinar and the one-page plan template and then forward your first draft to info@independentvetsofaustralia.com.au


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