Join us for this insightful and unique panel discussion where we challenge our thoughts around efficient veterinary practice workflows, the customer experience and marketing.

As many veterinary practices cringe at the thought of ‘marketing’ and ‘being busier’ we discuss if it’s possible to delight existing pet owner clients AND save precious staff time all at once?

During the session, we touched on a lot of topics including setting boundaries with clients, delighting our teams as well as our clients, and key workarounds for those common tech concerns. We also identified a number of highly recommended quick wins to get our attendees started.

Our diverse panel discusses:
• What today’s pet owners want and expect
• The activities clinics are currently doing and/or automating to delight pet owners
• The ‘quick wins’ you can implement now to save precious staff time

You’ll come away armed with some real-life insights on successes and learnings to apply to your own practice.

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