Last week we hosted a webinar for IVA Members with Dr Amanda Chin from VetCheck. Over the months IVA Members have voiced their interest in client communications, social media and building client loyalty so it was fantastic to have IVA partner VetCheck showcased by Amanda for our members.

Client communications are challenged from the get-go for veterinary teams when you consider that clients often have a 15-minute consultation to absorb a large range of information. When clients only consume 40% of what they are told it often puts pressure on vet teams to spend time outside the consult performing callbacks and sending emails to recommunicate vital points. As more and more pet owners view their pets and key family members their expectations of veterinary teams is high. However, clients often have unrealistic expectations, leave confused and don’t follow through with treatment plans or understand the next steps which were discussed during the consult. When a client becomes unhappy 90% of them will not return to the practice. Lost clients & lost hours performing callbacks can be avoided with some simple steps based around enhancing communication with the technology you already have in your clinic which will leave your clients feeling more informed. VetCheck can quote a 99% open rate for pet health information by pet owners which indicates there are ways to communicate very effectively with pet owners.

Many of the situations that lead to dissatisfied clients and poor compliance can be minimised using technology. Amanda discussed multiple resources and methods that are available to veterinary practices, many cost clinic staff a matter of seconds though have an exponential impact on client engagement, compliance and value perception. A survey showed 94% of pet owners want the digital experience so this represents a huge opportunity to reconnect with clients. There are multiple benefits for veterinary practices that decide to adopt a simple level of digital technology:

  • Improve communication
  • Enhance patient care
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Mobile health – access to healthcare information anywhere, anytime
  • Add value and convenience
  • Easier collaboration
  • Real-time
  • Personalised

If you are interested in finding out easy ways to communicate with your clients please contact Amanda Chin from VetCheck on support@vetcheck.it or book a VetCheck demo at https://calendly.com/vetcheck/demo. IVA Members, you can request a copy of the webinar by emailing info@independentvetsofaustralia.com.au.

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