Dr Stephanie Lindeman : Owner – Bonny Hills Veterinary Clinic

Having been a bit sceptical about buying groups, I hesitantly joined a one, but found, after 6 months, that it didn’t fit my practice or personality, so instead I joined the IVA after speaking with a neighbouring vet who was a member. That was a number of years ago now, and I have benefited greatly from being with them. Their friendly, welcoming, and modest manner has allowed me to engage easily, without feeling any pressure, at any level. The two annual conferences that I have attended in Sydney have been marvellous, and made quite a difference in my approach to practice management, which was previously woeful. This has made my small clinic reach the next level, and has made me quite proud. This would have to be the best thing about it, from my perspective. The monthly and quarterly rebates always make me smile too.

The IVA does have a bit of a family feel to it, as I have come to know both the lovely people that manage it, and other members. I always feel that I have someone to reach out to if I need advice on anything, be it financial, management, mental health, HR, etc. They seem to encompass everything.

So, the short of it is that I would recommend membership to any other independent vet clinic, as the benefits are multifaceted and fantastic.

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