Dr Kim Kendal : Owner – The Cat Palace

I’ve been a member of the IVA for over a year now.  It is almost like they read my mind – just when I think of a new service they could offer – round comes the email saying another company has joined their help list!  And the companies engaged by IVA to help are top-shelf (and almost too good to be true) – I would congratulate IVA on lassoing them in!
I particularly like IVA provides the antidote the corporate behemoth – I think it gives an edge to planning. The advantage here though is the recognition that vets are as individual as any group of people, and each needs a set of customised solutions.
Easy to access, excellent personnell, clear insights. And prepared to help a ‘small but purr-fectly formed’ cat practice.

The little monetary bonus is just the cherry on top.

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