For decades, veterinarians have recorded their controlled drug transactions in paper registers. Across the veterinary industry, the issues and frustrating processes associated with paper registers are well known and numerous. Issues such as forgotten entries, illegible handwriting, incorrect manual additions and subtractions that all lead to problems with reconciling stock balances followed by significant time spent on investigations to correct these errors. Additionally, bad processes can mask potential drug misappropriation, fraud or abuse which is an increasing issue in the veterinary profession, especially when viewed in conjunction with the stress and anxiety suffered by many veterinary staff members through the stresses of the job.

These issues are painfully frustrating for the veterinary profession but are easily solvable with an electronic CD register that leads to reduced errors, increased medication compliance and governance, as well as increased efficiencies through integration with veterinary practice software.

During the session, Modeus explains in detail the benefits of electronic registers as well as demo the Vet S8 software followed by questions/discussion. This webinar educates veterinarians around the various benefits of using Vet S8 electronic controlled drug register within clinics. It does so by explaining and demonstrating the integrations with VPM software and intelligent functions to increase efficiencies, eliminate double entry of data, reduce investigative time, enhance medication governance and safety and provide a more accurate register. Say goodbye to error-prone paper registers forever!


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