With attracting and retaining Vets being a continuing challenge to practices there is a need to think differently about how you can employ candidates. Work-life balance continues to be a high priority for people in all industries but is particularly pronounced in the Vet sector. In this session we will look at alternative approaches from the standard full-time salaried contract exploring options such as the averaging of ordinary hours, job sharing arrangements and building revenue distribution models which meet the needs of both an individual Veterinarian and their Employer. Gain a better understanding of where opportunities may exist to recruit and keep Vets in a tight labour market.

Presented by Hugh McPherson from Broad Reach Employee Relations, we take a look at:
o Contract development
o Arranging working hours
o Payment of salaries, hourly rates and/or incentives
o Job sharing strategies


Hugh McPherson and his team can be contacted via the below details.

Broad Reach Employee Relations
PH: 03 8637 6555
MOB: 0432 342 570

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