Is recruiting vets your number one challenge today?

Would getting a couple of vets working in your practice be a game-changer for you?

Listen on as we hear how Jocelyn Birch Barker overcame her recruitment challenges by catering to a specific segment of highly skilled veterinarians who are skilled, confident, knowledgeable, and to our detriment are likely to leave the profession.

“Now my clinic runs itself. I very rarely do clinical work and only guide management. I am fully staffed and growing. I have a thriving and profitable practice where vets ask me if they can join us.”

Jocelyn has recognised and catered to a group of undervalued vets that would love to return to practice. “Because the demographics of our vets have changed, we as practice owners and managers need to improve and manage better – to sustain our profession.”

Jocelyn’s practice, High Street Veterinary Surgery, is a case study of how you can do this too.
1. We know that the clinical side of the vet profession is losing vets daily.
2. We are graduating more and more vets each year.
3. The demographics have changed, and we are not managing the effects of this in practice.
4. Eighty per cent of graduates are women and have a unique career structure to their male counterparts.

Jocelyn Birch Baker, BVSc of Smooth Operating Vets, has investigated the situation and has a treatment plan.


Jocelyn can be found at:

Website: Smooth Operating Vets
Email: director@smoothoperatingvets.com

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