Thursday 13th, Friday 14th & Saturday 15th September 2018
Novotel Sydney Manly Pacific - Visit www.ivaconference.com for full details
Guest Speaker Dr Joel Parker presenting daily.

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IVA Conference 2018 - Visit www.ivaconference.com for full details
Working Together


September 13-14-15 Novotel Sydney, Manly, NSW


Join Dr Joel Parker, IVA and more Guest Speakers for 3 days where we unpack multiple ways Independent Practice Owners can accelerate practice success and work together to leverage trusted partnerships.

IVA is a cooperative for like-minded Independent Vets. We work closely with key supplier partners so that IVA Practices are not only more profitable but easier and more satisfying to own.

Thursday 13th September

Friday 14th September

Saturday 15th September


Joel Parker

Dr Joel Parker has been there done that experience when it comes to running a Veterinary Practice and the true testament to his methodology in veterinary business is his ability to extend this success to those he works with. At this year’s IVA Conference Dr Joel Parker will be discussing multiple topics of interest to independent veterinary practice owners that relate to our current competitive market place. He will also discuss a powerfully effective system of management training and coaching that will help you bring rapid prosperity and establish real structure within your practice. The result, you will be able to have the freedom and resources needed to live your life all while maintaining control of your practice.

Visit www.ivaconference.com for full details

Join us at the Novotel Sydney
Manly Pacific for the IVA
Conference of 2018

Guest Speaker Dr Joel Parker presenting daily.

Please visit www.ivaconference.com for full details and registrations.